Project Cars

Block mods
Checking after dummy assembly
Custom made Pistons for Machined rods Aluminium Cylinderheads L/H manifold Sample Crankshaft Billet 4340

Twin Turbo 265 ci Engine


Engine make-up: Block prep with "Halo" Girdle ARP Main & Head Stud kit, Billet crankshaft (proto type) Billet "SicSix" Custom rods, Forged pistons made by Diamond Pistons for "SicSix", Roller rockers and Aluminium Cylinder Heads Ported & Flowed on our flow bench, Turbo's GT35

Prepped L67 Crankshaft ext. balanced
Prepped & Re-sized L67 Rods with ARP Bolts

Supercharged 3800

Owner: Steve

The engine is a L67, Crank & Rods are prepped & shot peened, Pistons are Custom build from Diamond, the bottem end for this engine is just about bullet proof.

Next step for this is a balance and final assembly with one of our billet fly-wheels

This engine is now ready to go in the car

Steve is getting discount on rear tyres !

Dummie ass with our aluminium rods
Oil Gallery Mods for external oil pump The rods are 126 grams lighter over our H beam ea.

231 with Aluminium Connecting Rods

Owner: ??

This engine has a total modified oiling system, we are building this with a 3 stage external oil pump, a dry sump setup, we are using our aluminium rods for this prodject, the aluminium rods are 126 grams lighter then our billet H beam, we had special pistons made by Diamond with a weight saving of some 45 grams.

We now have to workout how much material we have to remove from our steel crankshaft and have all this internally balanced.

Mechanical injection
BB/MD ready

"FED" Mechanical Fuel Injection Buick V6


This engine is very similar to one we build before, the big difference is it has a Mechanical fuel injection with a distributor (we are looking for a magneto) this customer is going to run this engine on Methanol with some "Nitro"