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Fitting of new engine
Engine in place v6 engine oil pump

Modified Production

Owner: Greg

Engine is going in several mods and adjustments are made to make it fit, next step is running in the cam and general check and then on the rollers.

This engine was Tuned by "DEM Tuning"

Ok we have had this car on the dyno, with the std throttle body (as per the rules) this engine is making some serious power, we however need to replace the head gaskets, so we have some new ones on order that can handle the power this engine is making, we are trying to get it ready for a test on the track for the 21-05-11.

17-06-11 Graham had his first run on the track and as soon as his helmet came of a big smile said enough, engine was performing well, it had however a small miss over 5500 rpm, we suspect a electrical issue, Graham needs to get the power to the deck, a new learning curve for him.

02-08-11 After some  more race meets and some bug ironed out the engine is getting better every race, we had some fuel problems, mainly fuel delivery, but we believe this now history, on the 20 of August is the next race meet.

This engine has done a full season and is now ready for 2012, Good luck Greg & Graham.

13-08-13 After a success-full 2012 season we are doing a freshen-up on the engine, one major mod is now the external oil pump to control the oiling system.

During Assembly
The new Ross Balancers we use
Burnout Ute
550 cc injectors

Methanol Burning 231

Owner: Ross

The makeup of this engine is simple, make it as strong as the budget allows, Crankshaft fully prepped with Argo rods, all ARP Bolts, Diamond pistons (compression static 12.5:1) S/Steel valves, Shaft mount rockers (Yella Terra) 3.8 Ltrs (231 ci) This engine will be fitted with a Mezier water pump. Rotating assembly is balanced.

This engine is going in the car end January and is tuned by DEM Tuning, we like to thank Dave for is help and input.

05/05/2012: This engine is now up and running, it is still using the Delco ECU with 2 tunes one for Petrol and one for Methanol. This car has a new paint job. Next to do according to Ross is to upgrade the auto box, We at SicSix like to thank him and the best of luck in the competitions

10/06/2013: A Turbo 400 from Coan Transmission is fitted in the car, with a 9" 3000 stall convertor

in the make
Inside the VY
T 400 with trans brake & 8 3 Timing gear we use Ready

VY Ute

Owner: SicSix

The ute is now set up with a Chrome Molly 6 point rollcage, Turbo 400 with a 5000 stall 8" convertor, 3" drive shaft and billet half shafts and a Harrop cover.

12-12-12: We have installed the experimental 4.4 ltr Ecotec engine in this car, a new design plenum is used with a WC of over 10 ltrs. 

18-06-13: Fuel system updated capable of 900 + ltrs per Hr, 2350 cc Moran injectors, and a S/C capable of 1800 cfm.

15-09-13: Taken the ute to Mackey for a test and tune and racing on Saturday, our best run on the day was a 10.2 sec pass @ 133.42 mph, we have to do a bid more on the tuning and we should see a high 9 sec pass.