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HB Torana
HB Torana Front HB Torana Engine Bay HB Torana Engine Bay Detail

HB Torana

Owner: John

John's aspiration is to be the fastest V6 Buick/Holden powered car in the country on the quarter mile.

Year of Manufacture: 1968

Engine is a pre-ecotec (based on a Buick Stage 1). Capacity is 262 (4.3 Litres). (19-10-2010) Ok we have ordered a custom PWR intercooler and our next step with this pocket rocket is 10 psi and a new tune.This engine was doing over 300 Rwhp at 5 psi, final boost pressure is 18 psi as our target, estimated Hp 400/450 +. 9 sec car.

07-02-13: This car is being tubed to take bigger tyres.

Twin turbo, aftermarket ECU.

Tyres: Street Radials, rear 9 inch

Diff: Hilux

Transmission: Power-glide, 8" Convertor, 4000 stall.

VS UTE 259 ci engine (N/A)

VS Holden Ute

Owner: Scott

This car is N/A with a 259 ci engine, well over 270 Rwhp, NOS system 100hp shot (only used on the Drag strip) running on street/drag radials. 

20-10-2010 update

Scott's is aiming for the fastest N/A V6 in Australia, Scott just replaced the diff gears the fuel system also need a upgrade, a surge tank and pump will be fitted to this car for extra fuel required with NOS.

VS Holden Ute ("Goldie Locks")

Owner: Damian

This engine build was very mild, running STD Crank and Rods, some porting was done and heads flowed on our flow bench, Custom cam new followers and STD rockers, engine was re-tuned, Rwhp was well over 200 bhp

New Head bolt kit for Ecotec (series II & III) engines

Owner: SicSix

We are rebuilding our 231 (3.8 ltr) engine, end of 2012 year we had a head gasket failure and this damaged the deck surface, at the time this engine was running at 24 psi and doing 10.8 @ 129,9 mph, We looked at how to improve our clamping force, with the help of ARP we had new stud kits made, they are now 1/2" and we build a engine up with the new stud kit, we can now do our nuts up to 110 instead of 80 ft.lbs that is approx 40% more.

This modification is only for engines that run more then 25 psi, the MLS gaskets can be machined to take the new 1/2" studs and to drill out the heads we did not encounter any problems with the water jackets, ( all machining was done on a milling machine) the nuts on the exhaust side are a bid difficult to put a socket on this was fixed by machining the socket back.

We have some of the stud kits in stock at this time.

1927 Steering wheel
3.3 ltr stage II engine Dry Sump Custom Fuel lines

Holden VC

Owner: Ike

The base model is a Holden VC 1981, it will have a Turbo 400 and a Buick V6 3.3 ltr turbo engine, some of the mods is a steering wheel from a 1927 Buick